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Specialized Telehealth Physical Therapy 

With the recent updates with the COVID-19 pandemic our patient and staff safety is our number one concern!


 Physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery process from injuries, surgeries, chronic pain, and a multitude of other ailments. However, what are you able to do if you are sick? Have family members you want to keep safe and low risk? Not able to come in to our clinic? 

OUR ANSWER? Telehealth! 

-Telehealth, the use of electronic communication to remotely provide health care information and services.  The goal is to keep the progression of your therapy continuing in the interim of this time out of the clinic. 


-What Can I Expect? 

          The goal of Telehealth is to simulate you being in the clinic working one on one with your therapist, just in your home setting. You will need to have any provided treatment equipment available with you at the time of your appointment.


-What do I need?

        Please make sure you are connected to a WIFI network or cellular network.  A laptop with a webcam and or a phone with a front facing camera and something to prop it up against.  Please make sure any other streaming services are shut off, (i.e. Netflix, Spotify, Prime, and Music Platform.) to make sure you're getting the best internet speed av 

-How does this differ from our at home exercise program? 

          Your at home exercise program is created to maintain what you learned in therapy and keep the progression toward your goals.  A Telehealth visit is just like a visit in to our clinic where the therapist is able to watch you preform the exercises as prescribed in the clinic, which differ from the home exercise program, answer assessment questions as well as progressing your therapy.  With guidance and having a licensed professional conducting these via video conference, the goal is to make you feel as if you never left our office. 

-What insurances cover Telehealth?

           Currently most BCBS PPO plans, HAP, Aetna, Auto Insurance, Workers Compensation ( For each inquiry we will do a complimentary insurance verification to make sure this is a covered benefit to you before proceeding)

-Does Medicare cover Telehealth?

           Currently medicare is only covering their version of Telehealth which is called an Evisit.  CMS has strict requirements and reporting requirements for this to happen! 

-Can Telehealth be used for an initial evaluation? 

   We want to make sure we have the best measurements and assessment of your condition prior to the use of Telehealth.  Telehealth is appropriate for established patients. 

Can I still schedule a normal initial evaluation in office during this time? 

    Yes you are still able to be seen in the office for your initial evaluation.  However, we do have phone screening questions to better assess you for your health and safety during this COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Click on the link  to your therapists   virtual waiting room 3 minutes before your appointment! 

*If you do not have an appointment please call to schedule your Telehealth before you login. 

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