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Kristie R.  5/21/18    5 Star Review on Yelp 

            "Words can not express the joy our family has for Shawn, Mario and the rest of the crew at Thrive Rehabilitation.  They have given my mom, who almost died at Christmas, a reason to walk, smile and want to improve again.  Her bi weekly sessions with Shawn,  have gotten her out of the house and  continue to help her with her balance, walking and frame of mind. She truly loves coming there.   God Bless you all, you are doing a great thing there.  Our family appreciates you all so much.  Awesome, awesome, awesome." 

Ken C. 2/27/19   5 Star Review on Yelp 
                    "I've never had physical therapy but a car accident, surgery and a hospital stay resulted in the need to find PT. Two things came to mind:

1) I had no idea where to even begin to look 
2) I'm going to have to miss a lot of work for my appointments.  

I remembered meeting Mario and Shawn at the Grand Opening of a friends gym and the name of their business, Thrive Rehabilitation.  I called and spoke to Chelsea. She answered all of my questions and surprised me by telling me that the office is open late for people that work. Also, the office is really close to my home.  We handled all the paperwork within the hour and I had an appointment the next evening. 

Day One:  Chelsea greeted me when I arrived.  Immediately making me feel comfortable with her kind and fun personality. I then met with Shawn.  He spent over an hour with me.  He asked questions, performed an exam and gave me an idea of what my program was going to be like. 

Day Two:  I met my PTA, Jess. She explained everything we worked on, made me feel comfortable and made me laugh with her awesome personality.  Mario stepped out of his office, walked up and shook my hand and we had a great chat. I also met Kat that evening. She's another PTA who I learned is from a country I truly loved visiting. Some words that I learned many years ago came flooding back. Great memories!

All this is going on while I'm still working on my program with Jess. A great distraction since, yes, my hand and arm were hurting.  

Since then, I've met more of the staff. All are really friendly and very welcoming!  Yes, the PT is really helping. Pain isn't as bad as it was; more movement in my arm and hand.

PT is work but the friendly staff and Netflix help you get through it!  Also, I haven't missed any work!  

I would highly recommend Thrive Rehabilitation in Clawson, MI. You'll feel better and make great new friends at the same time!"

  • De'Koye A.   5/10/18      5 Star Review on Yelp 

I just want to say that since I've been going to Thrive Rehabilitation the staff is very friendly and Helpful. I would Highly recommend Thrive! The staff make you feel at home professional clean office never over crowed. If you are in need of service Thrive can handle all cases from Auto accidents workman's comp or whatever your medical injuries are. You are treated with respect and not just another case number at Thrive.... What ever the case is, Do you Got Thrive!!!

  • Debbie H.   5/13/18       5 Star Review on Yelp 

         "I am so happy I met Mario at our companies health fair and chose to get therapy at Thrive Rehabilitation for my Tennis Elbow! They are both professional as well as so much fun to work with!  I actually look very forward to my appointments! I have been working with Caitlin and she is the best! I recommend them highly for any and all of your rehab needs." 

Tyler G.   11/21/17  5 Star Review on Yelp 
          "Great group of guys at Thrive! Dr. Shawn has done a great job rehabbing my shoulder and appears to be very knowledgeable."

Nicole B.  2/27/19       5 Star Review on Yelp 
When I first started Physical Therapy after my horrific auto accident, it was not with Thrive Rehabilitation. The other location seemed helpful, but the treatment I received never felt personalized for my own needs. Thrive Rehabilitation is an entirely different experience. The support, friendly staff and professionalism is unmatched. The entire staff goes above and beyond to provide the care and support that i have needed and wanted throughout this unfortunate situation. I have made progress, and I have also made regressions... but Thrive has literally changed my life, and I couldn't make it without my all star team!! Thank you will never be enough! #TeamThrive

Michael G. 12/2/19   5 Star Review on Yelp 
               "I have been to Thrive Rehabilitation for two separate issues during the last two years. Their staff are extremely professional, empathetic and friendly. They are extremely thorough with their presentation, insurance needs and especially the actual therapy. I would recommend them to anyone!" 

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